Get the tools and knowledge you need to win without hiring a lawyer.

We just launched our consumer product JusticeDirect.

Answer simple questions and JusticeDirect will help you prepare a professional letter for free

You can choose to send the letter with just a single click.


With Knowledge, and preparation, Comes Power

Thousands of people lose their cases in civil court for avoidable mistakes like misfiling their documents or failing to properly serve their opponent.

We will make sure you take every step necessary so you can bring your most complete case in front of the judge and win in court!
Get the justice you deserve.

Understand your rights. Learn what actions you need to take. And pull all the pieces together to help win in small claims court.

No complicated forms or process

You answer simple questions, we help you put together your case like a lawyer would.   No complicated legal language, no running all over the place trying to get information.

Easy to understand steps to organize your case

Follow simple instructions to keep track of what you need to do at each stage of your case.

Prepare for Trial

We guide you step-by-step to put together a professional and comprehensive trial presentation to maximize impact in front of a judge.

Go to Court
with Confidence

Quest for Justice empowers ordinary people to successfully navigate small claims court, by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support to get justice.   No existing knowledge of the law or court procedures is required. Let us help you go from a victim to your own hero, while saving time and money!

Learn about the legal process and how to make it work for you

We cut the jargon, outline in simple terms the various steps in the legal process and show you how to manage your own case.

Quest for Justice also provides you with the tools to help you identify a legal claim; have the necessary proof for each legal element; understand the procedures to follow at each step of the way; and teach you the legal terms you are likely to encounter in court. 

Prepare your case

Quest for Justice walks you through the case preparation to help you keep track of what you need to do to build your case:

  • check your facts,

  • collect evidence, 

  • create a timeline,

  • list your grievances, and

  • understand the process. 

Make sure all your documents are in order

We take all the information you've provided and compile it into the documents you'll need in court. All you have to do is look over the end result and make sure everything is correct.

Stay up to date
  • Get deadline alerts

  • Take immediate action

  • Track next steps