Our Mission

Empower ordinary people to be their own hero through technology.

In the US, only criminal defendants have that right we hear about on cop shows all the time: the right to an attorney if you cannot afford one. If your legal issue happens to be “civil,” or non-criminal, then you typically would have to pay for a lawyer on your own. Since lawyers normally charge over $250 per hour, 85% of the US would not be able to afford one for help with a civil dispute. Yet, most people struggle to navigate our unbearably complex legal system on their own, since it was designed by lawyers for lawyers, not for ordinary people to get justice for themselves.

Recognizing that most people can’t afford an attorney for help with a civil legal dispute, Quest for Justice empowers ordinary people to be their own hero by leveraging technology. Our end-to-end solution enables people who are representing themselves to manage all the information, documents, and steps involved in a civil legal case, while seamlessly connecting them with litigation support they need throughout the process.

Civil justice is out of reach for far too many and the problem is only getting worse. Without bold action, this civil justice gap threatens to undermine our republic and the values upon which it was built. Quest for Justice is leveraging the power of technology to enable ordinary people to get the justice they deserve.