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Read real stories about how ordinary people used JusticeDirect to learn about their legal rights and take action to get the justice they deserve.

Andrew Hanna

I’m 32 years old and I live in San Diego.  One of my mother’s good friends said she had inherited a large sum of money but could not afford a lawyer to help her claim the money.  She asked me if I could lend her money periodically to cover her legal bills until her inheritance check came in.

I ended up loaning her over $20,000 over time.  Eventually, I learned that she had a gambling addiction and that her story was a lie.  She ran this con job with multiple people scamming them out of money to support her gambling.

I work as a video editor and do not have much extra money.  The $20,000 I gave her was everything I had saved and more.  Eventually, I found myself unable to afford my credit card bills.  I begged her to pay me back.  For a while, she periodically gave me $300 or $400 dollars so I could cover some of my monthly bills.  However, it got to the point, where I had become dependent on her to provide me small amount of the money to survive week to week.  Last year, she stopped communicating with me and my mother all together and stopped making payments to us.


I consulted with several lawyers who each wanted to charge me around $250 for a demand letter.   I started doing research online on how to write a demand letter and found JusticeDirect.  Your letter was detailed and much more affordable.   I’m hopeful that my mother’s friends will take my letter seriously and that I might be able to get more or all of my money back.  I’m very happy that I was able to write a demand letter myself with JusticeDirect.


Dominic Gonzales

A drunk driver damaged my parked car when he hit another car on the street. I reached out to my insurance company with the police report but wasn’t able to get the help I needed to pay for all the car repairs I needed to make. After many attempts to contact the driver he eventually agree to pay me $1735.00 to cover the damages. Since then, he has not paid me a single cent. I’m a disabled U.S. veteran and am not able to work. For me money is always tight and the repair bill was too much to afford on my own. The mechanics shop said if I didn’t pay they would put a lean on my car. Eventually, I was able to borrow some money and cover the mechanic cost. But I still need the drunk driver to pay me back. I went to a lawyer who said I needed to start a “paper trail” before filing a lawsuit. Sending a demand letter is my first step. I found the JusticeDirect demand letter online. The website was easy for me to understand and I sent my demand letter online certified mail. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs to write a demand letter!


Long Ng

I’m an immigrant from Vietnam.  My wife and I have a 5-year-old son and live in an apartment outside of San Francisco.  We are one of the only Asian or young family in an old apartment building of mostly retirees.  For years now we have been targeted by our downstairs neighbors, and our Home Owners Association (HOA), because of “excessive noise” from our little son.  He is a normal happy 5-year-old little boy who likes to play.  We try very hard to keep him as quite as possible.  However, because of COVID he ends up spending more time in the apartment we would like.  I have tried explaining to my downstair neighbor that some noise from our son will happened during the day.  She refuses to accept this reality and has started an all-out war against us.

She went as far as calling the police on us because of our son. The police came but refused to take any actions because “the noise was not unreasonable.”  Our neighbor convinced our HOA to hire a lawyer and who sent me a demand letter saying that if we did not keep our son quiet, we would be fined $150 dollars.  Further, that if we did not pay, we would be taken to small claims court. My neighbor then sent me a demand letter directly saying I owed her $10, 000 for disturbing her peace and quiet and if I did not pay she would take me to court.  This had all become too much.   

I didn’t know what to do!  I went to several community legal aid groups and all of them had very different things to say.  I did not understand if they would or could help me or what to do next.  I then went to our court’s website and self-help center.  All the information on line was confusing and I did not understand it either.

Eventually, I found an attorney to talk to.  He charged me $500 for just a single initial consultation visit.  He said that if I wanted him to write a demand letter it would cost me an additional $700 to $1,000.  And then I would have to pay more money if the other side responded and he had to write a response.  He estimated that the cost would be between $1,500-$2,000.  After having spent the $500 I could not afford to pay any more money.

I began doing some research online about demand letter and found JusticeDirect.  The JusticeDirect website makes it easy for people without legal backgrounds to understand what they need to do.  I was able to prepare a very professional demand letter and save a lot of money.  Now I feel like I something to defend my family with.  They will take us seriously now.  Best of all, if I do need to go to court, I will have a good demand letter to show I asked for my money.    

I wish the free community legal advisors would recommend JusticeDirect.


Melodie O.

In my spare time I nanny through an online service matching child care professionals with parents.  A mother contacted me about watching her daughter for four hours.  I watched the little girl as planned and everything seemed to go just fine.  However, the mother never paid me despite my payment requests made through Paypal and Venmo.  She then made a comment online saying that I was rude to her daughter and would not pay me for my service!  


I’ve been in the childcare field for over 30 years working as a public school special education professional and have even owned my own daycare.  Additionally, I’ve raised two boys.  Based on my years of experience, I can confidently say that while I may be firm at times I am always kind to the kids I work with.  


Hiring a lawyer to get my money would cost more than what I was owed so I started searching online for other option.  JusticeDirect showed up in my search and I used it to send my demand letter.  I really like JusticeDirect because they were very quick about sending the letter that I needed to help me get paid. The fee was very affordable.  They were also very friendly and accommodating to whatever needs or questions I had.


Erica S.

My father installs fences at homes and businesses and has been in business since 1997.  Recently, we worked with a builder who hasn't paid for work my father did for him.  Eventually we got the builder to agree to make smaller payment to us over time.  He only made two payments though. 

I got several quotes from lawyers to write a demand letter ranging from $200 to $550.  I found JusticeDirect that only charged me $15 with shipping!  I'm so glad we were able to save that money. 

We did get a response to the demand letter from the creditors because the builder is going into bankruptcy. We might not recuperate all the money owed but will claim it as a tax write-off and at least we didn’t waste money on lawyer’s fees.  I will always use this company before hiring a lawyer!

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