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The "JusticeDirect Demand Letter" Empowers Ordinary People To Get Money They Are Owed

Quest for Justice (Q4J) announced today the launch of the first phase of The first platform feature, the JusticeDirect Demand Letter, focuses on helping people without lawyers, draft and send a personalized and detailed letter demanding payment, free of charge.


“Are you owed money because someone didn’t do what was agreed to?  The first step to get your money back is writing and sending a detailed letter demanding payment,” said Quest for Justice President and Co-founder Binh Dang.  “Don’t run all over the internet looking for the right legal language.  Don’t hurry off to the post office and stand in line waiting to pay for and send your letter certified mail.  With a single click, the JusticeDirect Demand Letter will help you prepare and send certified mail, a professional demand letter.”


Other online products offer only form letter and sample demand letters.  “When the reader can tell you’ve sent a sample or form letter you instantly lose credibility.  Most people will not take your demand serious,” Dang added.

“The JusticeDirect Demand Letter guides users step-by-step to avoid common mistakes that delay justice,” said Quest for Justice Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Forrest.  “Getting these facts right is critical for building a detailed and professional demand letter that will be taken seriously.  The JusticeDirect Demand Letter helps users identify and organize all their important facts and clearly state what steps will be taken if your money is not paid.” said Forrest.


“Patrick and I created Quest for Justice because litigants without lawyers deserve a level playing field to prepare their case with confidence.  And most importantly, get the justice they deserve,” Dang said.  “The only way to provide equal access to justice at scale is to build technology that overcomes existing fragmented and incomplete resources with a one-stop, end-to-end, support system solution.”


“That’s why next year, Quest for Justice will be releasing the full platform; a new powerful all-in-one online system to help ordinary people fight for their legal rights and resolve their small claims dispute without having to hire an attorney.  Litigants will be able to use the platform from the moment they suspect they have a civil court matter, through the resolution of the dispute,” Forrest added.  “Our pro-se support system will walk litigants through the case preparation process and help litigants organized their information into a professional and comprehensive trial presentation.  While all lawyers are strongly advised to create trial presentations, nothing exists today to provide self-represented litigants with the tools to put together their own presentation for the court.”


America’s legal systems and services are growing more expensive and time-consuming, making them increasingly out of reach for many Americans. “Today, over 70% of litigants in civil court are representing themselves.  That’s millions of ordinary people each year spending countless hours trying to navigate a legal system designed by lawyers and for lawyers.  Most suffer avoidable setbacks due to common mistakes.   Millions more people each year give up on their justice journey before it’s even begun because they can’t figure out where to even start,” Forrest added.

“Despite what many people see on TV, small claims court is not a reality show, and if litigants do not treat this process with seriousness and preparation, they will fail, in many cases, even before their dispute reaches trial,” Forrest said.  “ will help level the playing field for many Americans and will help them get the justice they deserve without the expense of a lawyer.”

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